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Agreement for SirCmpwn/TrueCraft

Contributor Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to establish that all of our contributors here have not read proprietary decompiled Minecraft code. The reason behind this is to ensure that the project is built via entirely clean-room reverse engineering practices, which provides us legal insulation against angry Mojang lawyers. Remember the Bukkit debacle? That shouldn’t happen to TrueCraft.

You are welcome to use documentation produced by people who have read the Minecraft source, such as the Minecraft wiki and wiki.vg. You’re also welcome to analize the external behavior of Minecraft, such as files generated and network activity.

The agreement itself begins below. Thanks for contributing to TrueCraft!


All individuals who contribute to TrueCraft are prohibited from using any tool to decompile the official Minecraft software, copyright Mojang AB. This includes tools such as the Minecraft Coder Pack, JAD, etc. By signing this agreement, you assert that you have never used any of these tools or received the decompiled source code generated by these tools through a proxy contributor.

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